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2021 Mechanical Engineering Projects

3D Printer/CNC Mill Hybrid

Airflow Control of a Residential House Using Smart Vents

ASHRAE Design Competition 2021

Automated Hydropneumatic Suspension System

Automated Ultrasonic Inspection Device

Automatic Spare Tire Hoist

Autonomous Control Systems Vehicle

Clean Cryogenic Cargo

Conceptual Design for a High-Speed UAV

Conceptual design of fleet based fire fighting using large scale drone technology

Consumer Level Wind Turbine

Control Systems of Swarm Drones

Converting an Existing Building to the Low Temperature Hot Water District Heating System

Cost-Effective Body-Powered Prosthetic Hand

Drip Irrigation: Designing a subsurface inline emitter and Mechanical Soil moisture Sensor/Actuator

Dual Rotor Drone Design

Existing Building Deep Energy Retrofit Design at the University of Calgary

High Speed Vehicle Automated Spoiler

Kinematic Analysis of an Assembling Robot inside of an Aircraft

Machine Learning Control (MLC) of the Fluid Pinball

Mechanical Impedance Compliance Adjuster for Humanoid Joints

Minimization of Flow Induced Vibrations with Computational Fluid Dynamics & Machine Learning

Rotating Machinery Test Rig

Optimization of a Vortex Induced Vibrations Energy Harvester

Organic Waste Management at The Landing

Portable Anti-Viral Septic System

Production and Consumption of Biodiesel at the University of Calgary

Robotic Unicycle Design

Rotating solar panel design

Small Engine Dynamometer

Small Satellite Launch Vehicle Parametric Optimization and Assessment

Solar Powered Charging Station for Electric Scooters

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Simulation

Wheelchair Booster Pack