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About our project

InteractionsCheck is an existing product from HMG Systems Engineering. It is used by doctors, pharmacists and other health practitioners to find adverse interactions between different medications, foods, and genetic factors. Its user base is primarily in Germany and other german-speaking countries.

Our goals for the product were to develop many quality of life changes to both the end users and the HMG staff. This included redesigning the front end experience, e.g. changing the workflow, as well as modernizing the user interface. Internationalization using language packages was also implemented, with English now being able to be supported. We also refactored the back end, and added thorough unit tests and manual tests.

This work was done at no monetary cost.

Meet our team members

Antoine Bizon

Team Lead

Ashley Brown

Rebecca Reid

Jeffrey Rude

Shishir Srivastava

Details about our design


The new workflow makes navigating between different results easier for the user, and displays more useful information at once. The new responsiveness also allows the application to be usable on many more devices, as well as be backwards compatible with current devices. These changes address real feedback from our sponsor’s clients.


The front end was developed using modern design tools such as Primefaces and Bootstrap. It also uses modern design concepts such as item sizes reacting to browser size. This was especially innovative over the previous design which was only supported on a specific generation of iPad.


Our Design Solution addresses a number of concerns our sponsor had with the existing product regarding the usability of the application’s interface. In addition, our design solution also incorporates a number of new features and other improvements that the sponsor has wanted to implement for some time. One example of a usability improvement we made was to make the application’s interface responsive. The application’s interface, which was previously a fixed size, will now resize dynamically based on the size of the user’s browser window. This is just one example of several improvements we made with the end goal of making the application more user friendly for the end user.


Our design was validated in several ways. While creating the design, we held frequent meetings with our sponsor to get feedback on the in-progress design. These iterations allowed us to increase the overall quality of the design and to address any problems early on in the design process. We also demonstrated our implementation many times over the course of the project and made adjustments based on our sponsor’s feedback.

Our implementation was also validated via testing. The team wrote over 200 unit tests to verify existing and new behaviour. Together, these tests cover more than 70% of the application’s Java code. In addition, the team wrote new system tests to verify that the new features we had implemented worked as expected. These tests were performed manually. The team also performed a suite of over 150 existing system tests, to verify that existing functionality had not been changed or broken during the project.


As a software engineering project, our job was to design and implement the improvements and new features requested by our sponsor. The final deliverables of our project include our functional source code. Our sponsor will be able to take this source code and deploy it for customers on a live server, after a final review and validation on their end. As all features have already been implemented, we do not have any feasibility concerns with respect to the project.

Partners and mentors

We want to thank the many people who helped us with this project. Our software engineering professor Mahmood Moussavi guided us through the process with patience and great advice. Our TA Tariq Al Shoura was always around to lend some aid. And, our project wouldn’t be possible without the sponsorship of HMG Systems Engineering GmbH.

Mahmood Moussavi

Academic Advisor

Tariq Al Shoura


HMG Systems Engineering GmbH

Industry Sponsor

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