Thank you for your support

With over 160 student projects in nine categories, we depend on roughly 150 industry experts to judge the problems that students creatively solve in their final year capstone project.

Engaging future engineers. Meeting members of industry. Giving back to the engineering community.

Without your help, we would not be able to provide this amazing opportunity to our students. Thank you.

Judging rubric

Each team project will be evaluated on Design Quality and Communication for a total of 40 points. We encourage our judges to submit these forms to their Judge Coordinator at the end of the fair. We would love to share your feedback with the students so that they can learn from this experience. Including your name is optional.

Judges orientation

Our organizers reviewed the details of the fair with our judges in a 30-minute Judges Orientation. A recording is available below.

All materials discussed in the recording will be emailed directly to each judge, and will be posted on this page before the start of the fair.

Judging schedule

Our judges have been sorted into teams within each engineering category. Please search your category to find the judging team you are on and the schedule that applies to you.